"The pug is living proof that God has a sense of humor"- Margot Kaufman

Friday, August 13, 2010

We'd Like to Thank da Academy...

otherwise known as Kitty + Coco for hooking us up wit dis FABULOUS award! Yeah!
K, we admits, we's not exactly sure what it means, but it we knows we gots friends in high places!

So dese is da rules: now we gotta tell you 7 things 'bout us pugs. Mama, u wanna do da honors? (I's not asking you, Natty!) No? Ok here goes.

Me, Klaus da Bean von Wrinklesworth I likes cheese. I's a tough manpug who NEVER wears a tutu. My favorite toy is me christmas loofah dog...I like dat guy da dirtier, da better. Favorite thing to do is cuddle wif mom (she needs me protections!) I loves my sister Natty (What? NO I's not talkin' bout u, Nappy!) When I gets wet in da rain, I smells like puppy shampoo. Wet grass gives me da crazies, and I like to do zoomies in circles! I can kick Natty's butt. I's a picky eater...what! I's not countin'! Ok, Natty's turn I guess:

It's me! NattyNatalieNatalooLouiebelle: I likes to watch tvs, an I reconizes animals I never eben seens before! I barks at dem to let 'em knows I gots my eyes on dem. I speaks me own language, daddy sez I sounds like Chewbacca (it's a secret language so Klausie can'ts undertands me DUH!) I love walkies SOOO much. I gets so 'cited when mama comes home dat I nibbles on her fingers. I lives for bully sticks (hear dat mama? me stash is gettin' low). I comes from da mean streetz so i's pretty tough...I can kick Klausie's butt. He tinks he's in charge, but really it's ME--Natalie!

(K, dat's enough.)

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We tried not to duplicate, but we think you all is da bees knees!

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