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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Woe is Pug

Yesterday was Natty's official Gotcha Day--her one-year anniversary with us! Yesterday was also the day she was officially started on her new food elimination diet. We're trying to figure out if baby girl has food allergies to something she's been eating, so for the next 12 (yes 12!) weeks, she can have nothing but her new rabbit/potato formula prescription diet. No treats, no table scraps...nada. Even her Benadryl is going to be mashed into the canned version of the same exact food, instead of the requisite peanut butter she's become so accustomed to. :( What's a poor pug to do?

Fortunately, miss Natty Loo is not a picky eater, as evidenced by a little episode we had this morning. While I was getting ready for work, I kept hearing this weird slurping sound coming from the kitchen. It was definitely coming from a water dish, but didn't sound like a pug drinking. So I sneaked into the kitchen to try to see what Natty was up to. She had her little face hovering above Klausie's water dish, and was making this totally weird snorfing sound, but not drinking water. I listened for a couple seconds, she looked at me sideways, paused, and went back to snorfing. What the HECK is that pug up to? I finally moved her away so I could see what she was doing. Turns out there was a single soggy piece of Klausie's kibble floating in his water dish, and that piggy pug was trying to slurp it out! What a stinker!

So much for "nothing but her new diet." Keeping crumbs away from this one is going to take some mastery on my part, for sure.

So, there was no "Gotcha Day" cake for little miss Louie, but we did take her and Klausie to a pug meetup on Saturday to celebrate. Both puggies had a blast, and we saw lots of smiles just like this one:

Followed by sleepy faces like this one:

I'm going to have to stop being lazy and using old photos that I've got on my work computer in the very near future. Hope to have some new stuff up soon!

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Jennifer said...

Awwww, poor baby is on a diet?!?! Sad face!!!