"The pug is living proof that God has a sense of humor"- Margot Kaufman

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We Are the Champions!

Thank you Kitty+Coco and Southern Fried Pugs for giving us the Doggie Bloggie Award!We are very pleased to be recognized by our blogger friends, because we enjoy all of your blogs so much!

And without further ado, here are Ten Things About Klaus and Natty:

1. Klaus hates to wear any kind of clothing. He will sit on the sidewalk and look totally embarrassed and forlorn if you try to take him outside in a jacket--even in winter!Are you nuts, woman? I am a pug, not a doll. Undress me, you fool.

2. Natty is a talker; she gurgles and coos and makes chewbacca-like noises when she's excited about something. If you leave her for any amount of time, when you let her out of her crate she'll REALLY tell you how she feels about it!

3. Before we had Natty, Klaus's best buddy (and girlfriend!) was a puggle named Charlie. We haven't seen pretty Charlie since we moved out of the neighborhood two years ago, but we'd sure like to run into her again someday!
4. Natty is currently obsessed with a Zhu Zhu hamster that we bought for the pugs to play with. I mean like OBSESSED. As soon as we put it on the floor, she pounces and runs off with it in her mouth to a place where she can nibble it in private. It breaks our hearts, though, because it isn't safe to let her chew on it. So the poor girl always has to immediately give it up. But MAN does she love this thing! She can't even be distracted by a TREAT when it's around! I don't think poor Klausie has even gotten a chance to sniff it yet.

5. Klausie will grab your hand with his paw when he wants to be petted. Stop petting, and he will grab you again. This pug is RELENTLESS when it comes to attention seeking.

6. Natty turns into a WILD pug MANIAC if you chase her with the dustbuster. This is something that I definitely need to post a video of sometime!

7. Natty by all rights should be the top dog in our household. She's tough and fearless and...well...she actually has teeth, for goodness sake. But she lets Klaus think he rules the roost, which is pretty darn cool of her. She's been letting him think he's in charge since the very first time they met, when she showed him her belly (must've known she needed his approval, the smartypants). Klaus hasn't caught on to her feminine wiles yet, but the dynamic between them seems to be working out just fine. :)
8. Klaus likes to lick Natty's head at bedtime. I don't know if he's cleaning her, or soothing her, or if he just thinks she tastes delicious...but it's pretty darn adorable.

9. Everyone was right when they told me that "one is not enough." I don't know about all of you with MORE than two, but I just love having a pair of pugs. :)

10. Ok, this last one is about me too. Now that I've got them, I just cannot IMAGINE life without a pug.

I'm pretty sure all of our bloggy friends have already received this award, so we won't duplicate. But thanks again for giving us the opportunity to share our ten things with you! This WAS fun. :)


Wilma said...

Way to go! Congrats on your award. Mom says it is a challenge being out numbered by us, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

Jennifer said...

YAY!!! Congratulations! And I think how Klaus licks Natty's head at bedtime is absolutely adorable... they lubsh each other :)