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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Won't You Send Us Your Love?

My Klaus Bean is feeling yucky today. He had a fever all night and just hasn't been acting "right." No other symptoms, just seems to be suffering from a generally yuckiness...maybe some kind of bug. His temp has been gradually coming down, but we've got to keep an eye on him. Won't you send us your love, to help him mend?A puggy prayer or two wouldn't hurt, either. Feel better baby boy!


The Mama Monster said...

Oh Klausy, I hope you feel better soon!!! It seems that everyone is not feeling well today! Our Hunter is having tummy issues and so is Riley over at http://adventuresofacattledog.blogspot.com/. Hope you feel better soon sweetie~~~

~The Monster Crew

Pearl said...

Klausie boy, you don't have to ask twice!

I am thinking/praying/hoping that this passes quickly.


Wilma said...

Oh, my dear Klausie, I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. We are all sending healing vibes your way!

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Get better soon, Klausie!

Life with 5 dogs said...

We sure hope Klausie feels better very soon!

Kitty+Coco said...

Pug hugs and luv luvs to poor Klausie. Old pesky bugs.

Kitty and Coco

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Klause we really hope you feel better soon! Many healthy pug hugs to you.

Sandra y Coco said...

hi Klaus, prayers are on your way. they'll get there in a few seconds. please keep us updated. hugs for you and for Natty too.