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Monday, September 6, 2010

A Tribute to Floyd

My fancy goldfish went to the big aquarium in the sky yesterday. He was the only one of the original group of three to make it beyond the first year...and then four more years beyond that. He survived 5 moves and innumerable illnesses, but I guess it was just his time. You were such a trooper, Floyd! He was completely black when I got him, but over the years he developed this gold pattern. Kinda cool, huh? I guess he wanted to show us just how "fancy" he was. :) Natty liked to watch him swim. She would whine and whimper at the tank, as though she wanted to play.Is that cute or what? You were a great pet, Floyd. We'll miss you!


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Bye Floyd....you looked pretty fancy for a fish changing your gills and all, never seen that before. We hope Natty doesn't miss him too much either. So sorry he had to leave.

Many hugs,

Life with 5 dogs said...

Flyod you were a beautiful and very loved fish! You will be missed.

Winston, Kizzy and Tika of Two Cats and a Pug said...

OH NO! RIP Floyd. We did have a fish like Floyd and we called her Tangerine and she was all orange and she lived 5 years and then one day went belly ups and passed over the bridge to the aquarium in the sky too. I think that your Floyd will be meeting ups with my Tangerine up there and swimming to their hearts content.


Wilma said...

Awww, RIP Floyd.

The Mama Monster said...

Awwww poor Floyd!!!! RIP fancy guy!

~The Monster Crew

Those Elgin Pugs said...
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Those Elgin Pugs said...


We's sorry 'bout yous Mr. Floyd fishy. We's say our pawrayers~

Josie, IzZY and Anakin Man

Pearl said...

Aww! RIP Floyd! :(