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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


One pug. Two vet visits. Twenty-four hours.

I took Klaus to the vet yesterday afternoon to have a bump on his leg looked at. They couldn't get a great sample, but the vet didn't see any obviously bad cells, so he sent us home with some cream. I felt relief. Klaus was himself.

Nine hours later, I came home from the Blackhawks game and Klausie was acting weird. Uncomfortable, and unable to settle down or sleep. I chalked it up to an upset tummy from too many treats at the vet, but after a sleepless night, at around 6 am I couldn't take it anymore. He was clearly in pain, so off to the ER vet we went.

$625 later (on top of the $200 from the regular vet) I have no answers. It could be a vertebrae which looks just slightly narrowed. It could be internal. All I have is some Metacam and instructions to restrict his activity. His blood panel was normal. He doesn't want to walk outside, but he did eat his boiled chicken. He's hunched. He's hurting.

I never thought I would say this, but I'm starting to understand how someone could love their pet enough to give them up. I don't think I ever could, because it would kill me, but I'm so at the end of my rope. I'm scared. I'm tapped. I'm living on my own for the first time and these medical scares just keep knocking me down each time I'm close to ok. I'm afraid I won't be able to care for my babies, even though I'd feed them before myself every time. What if this is something I can't handle?

I know this is a safe place to vent because the only people who read this blog love their pets as much as I love mine. I so want to be able to do this on my own, but it's terrifying sometimes. I just want him to be ok.

Send some good thoughts and love into the universe for us tonight, will you? I'm cuddling my babies and saying a prayer. Maybe tomorrow everything will be fine, but tonight it's just...hard.


Southern Fried Pugs said...

The hunching may be a compressed disk. Tallulah had that a few years ago. Keep him quiet for a few days. No running, jumping, etc. Crate him if you have to. When Tallulah did that, the vet wanted me to keep her quiet for six weeks. That so did not happen, but she turned out okay.

If you don't think it's a stomach problem like an obstruction and think it's a back thing, a heating pad on his back may help. I'm sure that just being on your lap will make him feel better.

If you haven't heard about it, Care Credit can be very helpful. You could also set up a chip in on your blog page. I know here, my SPCA does low cost surgery and vet care for people within the income range. Vets can also do payment plans if they want. There may be grants out there, too.

I know it seems bleak and the future uncertain, try to stay positive. It helps them, too. You have options, you may not know about them yet.

We are sending prayers for Klaus and for you.

Payton said...

First and foremost, you and Klaus are in our prayers. When Payton hurt her back it was the one and only time she was so uncomfortable and in pain that she didn't eat. She was diagnosed with a bulging disk and the only treatment that she could have was the rest and just wait and see game that you are in. Surgery was not an option because of the PDE. We kept her still, as still as a pug can be kept and have restricted her jumping and stairs to this day and thankfully as is well. We are here to help if you need anything.
Christy (and Payton)

THE PUGLET said...

Our spotted friend Boka did the same exact thing yesterday. They didn't find any angry discs on xray so he's also on forced rest and Medicam.

Was there an epic battle at vet #1? Sometimes a lot of squirming around can tweak something, like a muscle or disc.

All our paws and thumbs are crossed!

PS: check your email.

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

There was, from the sound of it. The vet said even with three people holding him they couldn't get him still enough for the aspiration...thus the crappy sample. I'm so angry! Do I say something to the vet? Klausie seemed fine afterward...we walked almost a mile home!

Pearl said...

Oh this just tied my stomach in knots for you. I wish I had something profound to say. All I know is that you CAN and will handle this. You have our unconditional support and Klaus is going to be okay with your loving care. Don't doubt yourself or your instincts.

Sending love and prayers that Klausie shows quick improvement. xoxo

Stacy Walker said...

I am so sorry to hear this. You and Klaus are in my prayers and thoughts. I wish I could do something to help. Pearl said it best we are here to support. I took Brutus to the ER vet this summer and it was gut wrenching. I am so sorry.

Wilma said...

Oh man, so sorry to hear Klausie is having these problems. Mom and Dad say they totally understand about the feeling overwhelmed financially sometimes. But ultimately they do what they have to to help us. Lots of good ideas here too. This care credit thing seems like a smart thing to look into. As far as Klausie is concerned, it sounds a lot like what happened to me a couple months back. I never lost my appetite, but was quite uncomfortable. My vet also gave me muscle relaxants and pepsid cuz those meds can upset the tummy. I'm feeling much better with that and accupuncture, but still stiffen up sometimes. Hopefully Klaus will recover quickly, being such a young stud and all. No matter what, you have lots and lots of friends who are here for you. Please keep us updated. Big hugs and sunflower kisses to Klaus. Be a good nurse Natty!

Salinger The Pug said...

First off....HUGS all around.

Ugh...that's a rotten feeling to have. I hope it's nothing major and perhaps just a pinched nerve (Salinger had that once...I thought he was paralyzed or had a stroke...but some muscle relaxers and a shot of something fixed him right up within a few days). Hold Klausie extra close tonight and tell him that he MUST heal and get better because Auntie Laura would be SICK of anything happened to him!

Please keep us posted with good news. Feel free to call or text too!


Southern Fried Pugs said...

I would mention the ER visit to your regular vet to let them know what happened. It's possible that his squirming may have pulled something. But it's also possible that a little strain was made worse by the walk home. I'm not saying that to make you feel bad, just that you don't know what happened. You are mad but you don't have a clear target to be mad at. If only they could talk to us and tell us what happened!

Give him a few days to recover, let the meds work. Check the dosage against his weight, too. When Tallulah hurt herself, the two meds she got made her feel way too good. I had to back off the meds to make her feel a little bad so she wouldn't try to jump and run and play. We gave her enough to dull the pain, but not make her feel bionic.

If he's not getting worse, that's a good sign. If he's eating, drinking, pottying as normal, that's a great sign. It's horrible to watch them be uncomfortable and in pain, to feel so helpless. Just focus all your attention and love on him and Nattie right now. Think positive and will him to be better.

Sarah said...

On Klaus and family, puggie and his humans hearts are breaking for you. I know after we found the lump on puggie's belly a few weeks ago and he had his biopsy he didn't feel very good for days afterward and he didn't wiggle around like Klaus did. We are keeping our fingers and paws crossed for you that klaus feels better soon and that everything will work out the way it should for all of you.

Hugs and loves

Nola said...

Hugs to you all and try to stay positive. It sounds like a back problem, so crate rest is your best bet.
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

Punchbugpug said...

HUGSSS!!!! That is crazy to take sample that way!!!! Marty is horrible like that and my vet wouldn't even try, just said we will go in take it out and check a good sample all at once. Zoey was a trouper and let them aspirate 3 spots. All dogs are different!!! It may also hurt where they did aspiration, it is hard telling on a little furry one. I agree that if he is eatting and going potty normal, just love him and keep him quiet and I'll bet he is good as new in a couple of days.


Meredith LeBlanc said...

We're sending you our healing vibes and love! Be well Klause ♥♥♥

Meredith & Scarlet

Vito and Gina said...

OMG we are so sorry this is happening. If you get too overwhelmed you should for sure set up a Chip In link - you know there are lots of people reading this who will help! Finances with these puggies is a scary thing, I totally understand!

We are sending big pug hugs to all of you and healing vibes and we just know that Klausie is going to be fine. Hopefully it is just a soreness from fighting his head off at the first vet - my boys know all about that! I am surprised they have never been hurt by it. So let's just think that's what it is and the meds and restrictions will fix it.

Keep us posted!
Gina (& Vito & Vinny too)

agent99 said...

Hope Klausie (& momma) are feeling better! I'm also hoping that all the stress and squirming for the aspiration at vet #1 is the root of his discomfort. Is there anyone nearby who can help you out by pugsitting or pugsupervising? We are sending the power of the paw! Let us know if there is anything we can do!

Lola and Tucker said...

I am so sorry to hear Klausie is in pain. This happened to Tucker about a year ago and it scared me to death. He jumped from his steps to the bed(he is so tiny he has to have stairs to reach the bed) skipping the last step as he always does and seemed fine. The next morning he woke up in pain and by afternoon was barely able to walk. Fortunately it turned out to just be a sprain that a shot and a few days on the heating pad took care of.
I'm doing it on my own too so I know what the worry of something happening that you can't afford is like.
Sending prayers and good thoughts for Klausie and Mommy.

The Slimmer Puggums and the mamas said...

Oh my gosh! Mama Mindy her to say we are praying for you and Klausie. I'm about in tears reading this post. I understand how you feel and how you can be angry and sad all at once. Know that you are in my prayers and that my pugs are sending you and Klausie and Natty, too, a lot of kisses and hugs. I send my Hugs and my words that I understand and wish I could be there to hold your hand through this.
Much Love,
Mama Mindy of The Slimmer Puggums

PugSlope.com said...

We're very sorry to hear about Klausie not doing well. We understand your feeling of being overwhelmed. Pug issues seem to come in waves - huge tidal waves. We had an extremely expensive October and November ourselves - 3 emergency-type vet visits - one where we had to run down the street 8 blocks to the vet carrying our shaking little pug in a bathrobe! Plus all the medications and biopsies, etc, can add up really fast. Needless to say, we're going to have a very "budget-friendly" Christmas this year.

I'm not sure what the bump is, but Sid recently had this papilloma (wart) on his elbow and between two of his toes. It is really weird and actually went away on its own, and then came back at one point. I guess it's due to his crap-tastic immune system (he has crazy allergies to everything).

I'm not sure about the back thing but it sounds like a lot of others have had a similar experience and it might just require some relaxation and pain meds.

We're keeping you all in our thoughts and sending all the positive juju we have.

Brian, Jenn, and Sid the Pug.

Opaka said...

My human started crying when she read this and held me very tight. No matter what you have loved and cared for Klaus and everyone knows you will do what is best for him to the best of your ability. My human said a chipin account is a good idea, a lot of people would be willing to help I would say.