"The pug is living proof that God has a sense of humor"- Margot Kaufman

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Lip

Look how it glistens.


Do any of your pugs have a pouty lip?


Minnie and Mack said...

Lips, we have lips? our jowls are too saggy for our lips to show!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Noodles said...

Noodles here - I have BIG TIME pouty faces all the time. That is WHAT WE DO!
Love Noodles

Wilma said...

Oh yes, we call her Brigilippy. That and Momkey lips. That's a great lip!

5puggums2mamasanddadandhiscat said...

Yep! Isa have a pouty lip and use it to get my ways with my heart-mommy, mama CJ!
Much luvums,
Toby Moses Mans Slimmer
of da' Slimmer Puggums

Chicas Libelulas said...

Hola Chicos!!
Oh my,my Mamma says I, spongy, have a Elvis Lip when I get Mad!! Licky sometime does but not always!! We love yours!
SPongy & Licky

PinkPug,INK. said...

haha Cinnamon gets the Elvis lip sometimes too! usually when I want him to follow me back home but he wants to stay & check more Pea-mails, he'll stand still & give me the lip! :)

Benny and Lily said...

Is it black lip gloss?
Benny & Lily

Winston, Kizzy and Tika of Two Cats and a Pug said...

OMP mum says that the older I gets the more I do that lip thingy too. It totally suits yous.


Mary Ann said...

O my! Our Abby looks just ike this! What a sweet boy he is!

sashacleo said...

how do you stop yourself from kissing that little face??! our Cleo has not only a fully pouty, but shiny lip, which just makes it soooo tantalizing...

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Oh, that's easy. I don't stop myself. I smooch that pug all day long. ;)