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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Teaser

Somepuggies got exactly what they wanted for Christmas. One thing that they have been coveting for weeks on end. One thing that pretty much ALL of their friends out there in blogland have been able to secure. Want a preview? ;)

Can you tell what it is from this photo? It's perfectly pug-size...and perfectly pug-shaped (i.e. round.)

Can you tell what it is here?
Wait...what the heck? Billie, that's not yours...






It's perfectly tuggable and nommable and snuggleable, too.

It's a sock monkey bed! And sweet Klausie knows just how to use it. When it's not occupied by his sister or cousin, of course. :)


The Mama Monster said...

Ahhhh yay!!!! We have got to send out mama out to find one of those...

~The Monsters

Wilma said...

Yay! It is also excellent for dragging around the house from room to room when you are ready for your dinner. Just ask Brigitte.

Hahaha word verification: lickhomp. No lie, one letter off from 2 of Brigittes favorite pastimes

Jennifer said...

Sooooo cute!!! The one of Billie might be my fav, though. Big pup leeetle bed.

Salinger The Pug said...

YAY! You got a sock monkey bed too!!!

I get all pissed off and beat the crap out of mine and wind up turning it upside down like a turtle....then I stand there and whine like a nutcase at it. You might want to tell Klausie that it's a totally fun activity to try!

Your house looks SUPER cool! We didn't realize you guys were CITY dogs!


Winston, Kizzy and Tika of Two Cats and a Pug said...

OMP it is the rare sock monkey bed! Mum has been trying to hunt down another ones for us but has had no lucks.


Pearl said...

YESSSS! I knew you guys would get one, I just knew it!!!! Santa is so good!

I beat mine up all the time... and then I sleep in it. It's an odd relationship that we have... :)